Cause of Chills in a Warm Environment

Experiencing chills in a warm environment is a result of the muscles quickly contracting and relaxing in an attempt to increase the body¡¯s temperature. Chills often accompany or preclude fever but may also be symptomatic of nonfever-related conditions. The causes of chills in a warm environment range from simple infections like the common cold to more serious health threats that require medical attention.
Hemolytic anemia is one cause of chills in a warm environment and is caused by an insufficient number of red blood cells in the body. Hemolytic anemia is a broad umbrella term, but there are various types of hemolytic anemia, including sickle cell anemia, malaria and thalassemia. The condition may also be the result of chemicals and toxins, or a blood transfusion from a donor with a dissimilar blood type.
In cancer patients, chills and fever may be the result of a tumor or an infection. In addition, the chills and fever may be a negative reaction to a blood transfusion or a negative response to medications. These conditions can also cause fatigue, muscle pain and sweating in cancer patients.
Heat exhaustion is also a cause of warm-environment chills. According to Dr. Frank Barnhill, in his article entitled, ¡°Heat Stroke and Other Heat Related Illnesses,¡± heat exhaustion is the third most serious heat-associated disorder. It is the result of losing a significant amount of water and salt through perspiration and usually occurs as a result of intensive physical labor or exercise. However, heat exhaustion may also afflict people on low-salt diets or diuretics placed in a very warm climate. In addition to warm-environment chills, people with heat exhaustion will often experience headaches, blurred vision, nausea and unquenchable thirst. In very rare cases, seizures may occur.
Tick bites increase during the spring and summer months when these arachnids are most active. Harvard University states that there are various types of tick diseases, including Lyme disease, tularemia, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis. Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the most lethal type

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; all of the diseases listed here are accompanied by warm-atmosphere chills and may also include muscle aches, pains, headaches and rashes.
A plethora of other infections may cause a person to experience chills in a warm environment, including appendicitis, bronchitis, strep throat, an ear or urinary tract infection or meningitis. Tuberculosis, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases may also cause these chills. In addition, pelvic inflammatory disease, septic or infectious arthritis and food poisoning may be the culprit.

Can Lifting Heavy Weights Damage Joints?

Doing any type of resistance training on a regular basis can actually be beneficial to people suffering from chronic joint pain, according to “Arthritis Today.” However

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, using improper form, lifting too often or lifting weights that are too heavy can lead to joint problems. To avoid joint pain and damage caused by weightlifting, it¡¯s important to follow a basic set of guidelines before starting a resistance training regimen.
Stretching before a workout is important for weightlifters. Stretching for five to 10 minutes just before hitting the gym helps to prepare your muscles and joints for the upcoming stress. Static stretching works best, meaning you hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds rather than bouncing back and forth, which can be harmful to your muscles, tendons and joints.
Immediately after a good stretch, spend an additional five minutes to warm up your muscles by walking briskly, jogging or lifting light weights. This helps to get the blood flowing throughout the body by increasing your heart rate and breathing rate. Massaging the joints that frequently experience pain when you work out, such as the knees or shoulders, also can be beneficial.
During your weightlifting routine, avoid weights that are too heavy, especially if you have experienced joint pain in the past. Weight that is too heavy would include any weightlifting exercise you cannot do more than 10 repetitions. You can build strength and muscle size by using lighter weight and doing 10 to 15 repetitions per set. While bodybuilders often use heavy weight/low reps to build muscle, they are professionals, so the average person should avoid this type of training.
After a workout, it¡¯s important to repeat your pre-workout routine ¨C stretching and jogging ¨C to help your body start the recovery process. Recovering from a resistance training workout takes one to two days, so get plenty of rest and do not lift the following day, or you risk damaging joints and limiting your muscle gains. By staying well-rested, warming-up properly, lifting lighter weight and cooling down post-workout, you will greatly decrease your risk of joint damage.
The most common types of joint-related damage incurred by bodybuilders and other athletes include arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis. Your doctor can diagnose the exact source of your joint pain and give you a more detailed treatment regimen.

How to Prevent the Spread of Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal organism easily transmitted from one infected host to another. You can prevent the spread of ringworm to other areas of the body and prevent the fungus from affecting another host.
Avoid contact with others who have ringworm, including contact with unaffected areas of the skin. Ringworm infects an area on the skin by entering cuts, wounds and other skin abrasions. The germs from ringworm may lie on other areas of the skin that are unaffected, waiting for the opportunity to enter a host again. Touching another person or animal affected with ringworm may transfer the germs onto your skin, where the fungus patiently waits for the opportunity to enter a wound or abrasion on your skin.
Wash your hands after using the restroom. Scrub your hands for at least 10 seconds before rinsing the soap off, and dry your hands thoroughly before leaving the restroom.
Dry your body thoroughly after bathing. Wet feet especially implant moisture on carpets where fungus grows.
Apply antifungal powder to your feet after bathing and after a workout. Antifungal foot powder dries up moisture on your feet where perspiration occurs during a workout. If you have reoccurring episodes of ringworm, apply powder after bathing as part of your daily hygiene habits and have the family or other household members use antifungal powder to prevent the spread of ringworm in the home.
Clean your house regularly, especially bathrooms, carpets and floors with an antiseptic household cleaner. Include floorboards and corners where cobwebs and dust collect. Look for cleaners that disinfect staph and influenza germs for use in the bathroom, as ringworm is a combination of many organisms that mutate from congregating with other germs.
Use your own hairbrush, toothbrush, clothes, towels and other personal hygiene items. Ringworm, among other fungi looking for hosts, often manifests on personal hygiene items where your body fluids and moisture collect.
Wear clean clothes and consider using a powder appropriate for use around your groin. Change your clothes daily, especially underwear, socks, hosiery and other undergarments

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. Jock rash or jock itch is a type of ringworm that occurs around the groin. If your clothes frequently rub on your skin, and you perspire often, a personal hygiene powder may prevent skin abrasions and dry up moisture, averting the chance for ringworm to invade the groin area. For added protection, choose cotton fabrics or cotton blends over fabrics that do not breathe well, such as polyester, so moisture can evaporate better. See Resources for powders available for men and women.

Carbohydrates in Mashed Potatoes Vs. Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair pasta and mashed potatoes are each the building blocks of starchy, satisfying meals. They¡¯re also significant sources of carbohydrates. Many people count carbs as a weight-loss or health measure, trying to consume fewer carbs. Others count carbs in preparation for an athletic event, attempting to ¡°load¡± as many carbs as possible. But the carbohydrate count of your dish is only part of the picture. The amount of fiber in your pasta or potato dish is also crucial.
A serving of regular angel hair pasta has 42 carbohydrates, or about 14 percent of the daily value (DV) of carbs you need. Some people know angel hair pasta as capellini, which means “long hair.” The most slender of the long pasta types, it works best paired with light sauces and delicate chunks of vegetables and seafood, rather than hearty, chunky sauces and meatballs. Angel hair pasta is made from durham wheat.
A serving of mashed potatoes has about 24 carbohydrates, or 8 percent of the DV. Calories and fat will decrease or increase depending on if you mix butter and whole cream into the recipe, but the carb count remains fairly constant. Mashed potatoes are typically prepared from boiled white potatoes, to which fat, liquid and spices are generally added.
Whether you are cutting back or piling on the carbs, make them count by ensuring they contain dietary fiber. The starch portion of your carbohydrates breaks down in your body and converts into sugar, affecting your blood glucose level. You need some of these carbs every day for fuel

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. Dietary fiber is not broken down or used for energy, but instead flushes fat and other foods through your digestive system, improving digestion and lowering blood cholesterol levels.
Use whole-grain angel hair pasta to boost the dietary fiber content of your pasta. Traditional angel hair contains 2 grams dietary fiber, or 8 percent of the DV. A whole-grain version has about the same number of carbohydrates, but contains 6 grams dietary fiber, or 24 percent of the DV for fiber. Add vegetables such as broccoli to the dish for even more fiber and vitamins.
The peel of a white potato is a significant source of fiber

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. Include some of the skin when you prepare your potatoes for boiling. Choose russet potatoes rather than red potatoes, advises the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Their thicker skins help provide 4 grams of fiber per potato, or 14 percent of the DV for fiber. The equivalent serving of red potatoes have about half the dietary fiber. Adding chopped vegetables to the mashed potatoes will also increase fiber and vitamin content.

How to Use Replens

Replens is a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer. The lubricant is available over the counter without a prescription

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. Replens works to eliminate vaginal dryness by adhering to the vaginal wall, decreasing and removing dry skin cells. This allows the vagina to restore natural moisture. Using the personal lubricant on a routine basis, every three days, is supposed to effectively restore a comfortable moisture balance.
Plan a schedule for using Replens. The lubricant is most effective when applied in the mornings, every 72 hours.
Remove a pre-filled applicator from the Replens box and open the wrapper.
Hold the thicker end of the applicator and shake all lubricant down to the other end.
Twist and remove the cap on the thin end of the applicator.
Squat or lie on back with knees bent and insert the thin end of the applicator into the vagina.
Press the opposite end of the applicator to expel the entire amount of gel into the vagina.
Remove applicator and discard.

What to Wear When Jogging

Your favorite jogging path might not resemble a runway, but that doesn’t mean fashion can’t improve function in your workout. What you wear when you’re jogging can help you prevent injury, minimize discomfort and work out more effectively if you choose wisely.
You’ll get hot and sweaty during jogging, so breathable fabrics — such as cotton/polyester or cotton/Spandex blends — are essential. If you’re shopping for new jogging clothes, consider investing in tops and bottoms made with fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away from your skin. Though you don’t want skin-tight running clothes, which could cause skin irritation, very baggy clothes can slow you down slightly — a factor to consider if you’re keeping track of your workout time. Also keep in mind that jogging increases your body temperature by as much as 15 degrees, so wear layers that you can remove if you start to feel warm.
In hot weather, add sunglasses to your ensemble — wraparounds designed to block UVA and UVB rays will give you the best protection. A lightweight, foldable hat you can easily stash in the waistband of your running shorts helps fight the glare. When it’s cold, stay warm by wearing a lightweight fleece hat, vest and gloves. If your cold weather comes with snow and sleet, opt for water-resistant pants and shoes. Dressing in three layers is ideal — the outer layer protects from wetness, the middle layer keeps you warm and the layer closest to your body should be comfortable and breathable.
For women joggers, a good sports bra is essential for comfort and to prevent saggy, droopy breasts down the road, says Joanna Scurr,a biomechanist at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, in “Fitness” magazine. If your chest is smaller — an A or B cup — a shelf-style bra works well, but if your chest is bigger than a B cup, you’ll want a bra with individual cups. Whatever your chest size, you’ll get the best support with wide straps and racerback styling.
Comfortable shoes with plenty of support are essential for jogging. If you’re shopping for a new pair

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, it’s smart to visit a store that specializes in running shoes. Bring your old running shoes with you, and ask the fitter to help you analyze your stride and pronation to find the right fit. If you run on well-tended paths, standard jogging shoes are fine, but if you like to hit the trail when you run, consider trying trail-runners, which are sturdier and have more traction on the bottom to protect your feet.

How to Bake Potatoes on a Stove

Potatoes make an excellent side dish, whether served with a chicken, seafood or beef main dish. In addition to the oven, potatoes can be baked on the stove. Combine a few simple ingredients with about 20 minutes of your cooking time and create a delicious batch of stovetop potatoes.
Choose your potato. For this recipe, a batch of small whole red potatoes, about eight potatoes or so

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, works best. If you are unable to find small whole red potatoes, then select the larger sized red potatoes and cut them into four smaller pieces. Clean the potatoes under cool running water

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. Use a brush or vegetable scrubber to get rid of any dirt that may be stuck to the skin. Place the clean potatoes onto a clean dish and pat dry with a paper towel.
Place the potatoes in a large, heavy-duty skillet. Be sure to place the potatoes side-by-side instead of on top of each other. This will help ensure all the potatoes are completely cooked. Add water to the skillet until the potatoes are just about covered. Next, add one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and three, thinly sliced garlic cloves. Bring the water to a boil then bring the temperature down until the water in the skillet maintains a rolling boil.
Cook the potatoes until the water in the skillet evaporates, which should take about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the type of stove. Let the potatoes cook in the skillet for two or three minutes longer. Use a wooden spoon to gently stir the potatoes once or twice during this time. When the skin on the potatoes appear to be golden and seared, they are ready to be served.
Using the wooden spoon, gently place the potatoes in a serving dish and sprinkle with fresh parsley. This recipe yields enough baked potatoes to feed four people. Feel free to add other spices and seasoning as well, such as salt and pepper.

Pros and Cons of Sport Drinks

Sports drinks can offer a bit more in terms of energy replacement when you exercise. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, and Iowa State University, during exercise you should replace fluids every 15 minutes to avoid dehydration. With so many choices of sports drinks on the market, you need to understand the benefits and negative effects of sports drinks.
When you exercise, your body becomes depleted in nutrients like potassium and magnesium — both of which help prevent muscle cramping and weakness. If you get low on electrolytes, you increase your risk of injury. Most sports drinks come packed full of sodium, potassium and other electrolytes to keep you replenished. This is one major advantage they have over water

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One of the best advantages a sports drink can offer is taste. While you may not grudgingly drink plenty of water during exercise, you won¡¯t get as much pleasure from plain water as you will from a drink with flavor. A delicious sports drink will make it more likely that you’ll consume it more often, helping you prevent dehydration.
Unfortunately, with all the sugars many sports drinks contain, you¡¯re more likely to experience mild to moderate tooth decay over long-term use. According to a study in the November 2007 issue of “The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice,” sports drinks can cause more tooth decay than sodas because of their high sugar content and added artificial flavoring and coloring.
Sports drinks can work to replenish fluids and electrolytes when you exercise regularly or for long periods at a time. On the other hand, if you drink sports drinks casually or hardly exercise while you drink them, you could be setting yourself up for some unwanted weight gain. Most sports drinks contain the same — or higher — amount of sugar as sodas, making them high in carbohydrates. Taking in too many carbohydrates at once can cause insulin spikes in your blood, leading to fat storage. Sports drinks are recommended only for those who are very active. If you are not as active, a better alternative is to drink water with fresh orange or lemon juice squeezed in for flavor. If you experience a period of nausea and vomiting from illness, recommends you sip on sports drinks to replace minerals and fluids lost during illness.

Fiber in Potatoes

Potatoes are high in fiber, with some types giving you close to 3 grams in each serving. The perk of fiber from potatoes is that it comes in both forms, soluble and insoluble, although the insoluble content is higher. Each type of fiber has specific benefits for your body, but you¡¯ll have to leave the skin on to get the full effect.
The exact amount of total fiber you¡¯ll get from your tater depends on which type you prefer. Sweet potatoes tend to offer the most. Three ounces of sweet potato with the skin, about half of a large one, offers approximately 2.8 grams of fiber. Russets aren¡¯t too far behind, with 2 grams of fiber for the same serving size. Red-skin potatoes have a bit less fiber. Usually a 3-ounce red-skin spud offers roughly 1.5 grams of fiber.
Much of the insoluble fiber in potatoes comes from the skin, so don’t peel it away

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. Insoluble fiber pushes through your gut, forcing out waste to help you have bowel movements on a routine basis

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. Regularity is important for reducing your risk of hemorrhoids, as well as for minimizing your chances of suffering from painful inflammation from diverticular disease.
Soluble fiber, which comes mainly from the flesh of potatoes, soaks up fluid in your intestines, creating a gel-like material. As a result, digestion slows down, giving vitamins and minerals time to absorb through intestinal walls. Plus, as the substance travels through, it picks up low-density lipoprotein, or LDL. This is the type of cholesterol that clogs your arteries, so if you have more soluble fiber, there’s the potential that it can reduce problems with high cholesterol. It can even slow down sugar absorption, resulting in more stable blood glucose levels.
Your fiber needs vary depending on gender, stage of life and calorie intake. Typically, though, men need 30 to 38 grams a day, while women require 21 to 25 grams a day, according to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine. Women need a bit more during pregnancy and while nursing — 28 to 29 grams each day. These are just general recommendations, however, and your needs might be different. You can also calculate how many grams you need for your specific diet, as long as you know how many calories you have on average. For every 1,000 calories, you should aim for 14 grams of fiber, as stated in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. On a 1,600-calorie diet, for example, you should get 22.5 grams of total fiber every day, while on a 2,500-calorie diet you¡¯ll have to get 35 grams.

How to Stop Dark Skin From Tanning

Your risk of getting skin cancer from tanning is decreased if your skin is light brown, moderately brown, dark brown or black, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. However, skin cancer is a possibility for anyone who intentionally seeks out the sun, regardless of skin tone. Exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays also causes premature photoaging, even in people with dark skin; photoaging causes fine lines, deep wrinkles and leathery skin. If you have a naturally dark complexion, take thorough measures to protect yourself from the sun to prevent your skin from tanning.
Take a close look at your sunscreen’s label. It should offer you protection against ultraviolet B rays — the rays that cause skin to burn — and ultraviolet A rays, the rays that make your skin tan. The AAD recommends that you choose a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher.
Boost your UV protection. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration adopted new labeling requirements on June 28, 2012 that tell consumers how efficient their sunscreen is at blocking UVA rays. Under the new FDA regulations, products that protect against UVA and UVB skin damage will be labeled “SPF 15” (or higher) or “Broad Spectrum” on the front of the sunscreen packaging. To protect your skin, choose products with a minimum SPF rating of 30 and a maximum SPF rating of 50.
Apply sunscreen correctly. Liberally apply the product to all areas of sun exposed to the skin at least 30 minutes before you go outdoors, rain or shine. UV rays can creep through cloud cover on overcast days. Make sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours, says the AAD, or anytime after you sweat profusely, get out of the water and/or towel off.
Stay inside or seek shade between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m

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., when the sun’s rays peak. If you’re not sure of the time, take a look at your shadow; if it’s shorter than you are, the sun is at its strongest, says the National Cancer Society

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Cover up. The NCS advises using protective clothing to further protect your skin whenever you go outside. Look for tightly-woven fabrics that are comfortable to wear. Add a wide-brimmed had that offers full shade to your face and sunglasses with at least 99 percent UV protection, and you’re good to go.